Tendermint Snapshots


Snapshots are available at share.blockpane.com

  • These aren’t regularly updated, I don’t mind sharing but it’s not a “service” being offered. They are uploaded as I perform maintenance or move nodes.
  • This may, or may not, contain snapshots of Osmosis, Junø, Stargaze, Terra, Sifchain, and Kava chains.
  • Most of these do not have an indexer enabled, and many are fully-pruned. They are primarily intended as sentry or validator nodes, and may not be optimal for LCD/RPC servers.
  • If you really need help with a recent snapshot, reach out on discord or telegram, I’m not hard to find.


# install packages
sudo apt-get install -y aria2 pixz

# cd into base directory for the chain ie... `cd ~/.osmosisd` or `cd ~/.sifnoded`

# get the files
aria2c -x 3 https://share.blockpane.com/<chain-id>_<day>_<pruning>_<indexer>_<version>.tar.xz

# extract the files
tar -I'pixz' -xvf <chain-id>_<day>_<pruning>_<indexer>_<version>.tar.xz && rm <chain-id>_<day>_<pruning>_<indexer>_<version>.tar.xz

# profit.

Or if you are really strapped for drive space (are you sure that’s a good idea?) you can use curl and pipe to tar so the tarball never hits the disk, but the download will be slower and won’t recover if there is an error.

curl  https://share.blockpane.com/<chain-id>_<day>_<pruning>_<indexer>_<version>.tar.xz | tar -I'pixz' -xv

What lives here?

Various snapshots from cosmos/tendermint blockchains.

  • There is a naming convention at work here:


skipping the obvious…

  • Pruning is the app.toml setting for pruning, will either be default, nothing, or everything.
  • Indexer is in config.toml, and will either be “kv” or “null”, if null this won’t work well as an API node.
  • Version is the tm/cosmos version running when the snapshot was taken.
  • Your config settings and version should match if you expect this to work.

Other info:

  • The files will contain the contents of the data directory.
  • XZ compression is used and highly recommend using pixz to parallelize decompression (see below)
  • Using aria2 can help download speed, wget or curl will work fine too, just slower
  • Once uncompressed, these need more space than the sizes being downloaded (duh) but not a lot - more, between 1/3 to 1/2 more.
  • files with the .INCOMPLETE extension are actively being uploaded (or died?) and aren’t likely complete, don’t bother with these.
  • if the filename includes wasm it will also create a wasm directory.