FIO Producer Ranking

This is the current ranking for block producers on the FIO network.

These rankings are generated by measuring performance, and participation in maintaining the network as measured by the fio-bp-vote utility. Maintenance includes updating fees to keep pricing at a reasonable level, participating in contract updates, and a series of maintenance calls that optimize state or trigger reward payouts

Three criteria negatively affect ranking.
 ▸ Slow CPU, currently this is defined by an average time to execute a transaction longer than 5,000µs. Producer CPU time is viewable on the FIO stats site.
 ▸ Never having claimed rewards results in a score of -100, since this indicates that the producer is not likely active.
 ▸ Finally having no votes is an indicator that a producer is not active, and results in a score of -200, but if a registered producer has neither claimed or received votes they are not considered at all

These rankings are used by two proxies: proxy@blockpane (voting for Top 21 by rank,) and vote@blockpane (voting for Top 15 by rank.) Votes are calculated at least once a day. In the case that a block producer is missing full rounds, their votes are withdrawn. The rankings shown on this page include all registered producers. This does not represent the list used by the @blockpane proxy voters, there is additional criteria that 1) the producers have listed publicly available API and P2P endpoints in the fio.mainnet list. 2) Those nodes are functional according to the FIO health dashboard.

Producer Score Fee MSig Claim tpidclaim computefees burnexpired CPU Key JSON CORS Site Perms Active



Fee votes in last 30 days. 1 point (max 60.)
Multi-sig participation in last 30 days. 10 points for each approve/propose/exec.
BP Rewards claimed last 1 day. 1 point.
Called tpidclaim (maintenance call) last 1 day. 1 point.
Called computefees (maintenance call) last 1 day. 1 point.
Called burnexpired (maintenance call) last 1 day. 1 point.
CPU performance penalty: negative 3 points, per each 1ms over 5ms avg
Signing key differs from account key (security best practice). 1 point.
bp.json file was reachable based on URL in producer registration. 1 point.
bp.json responds with permissive CORS. 1 point.
Website in bp.json exists. 1 point.
Permissions on key delegate bpclaim (and others, security best practice). 1 point.
Has performed at least 1 bpclaim in last 30 days (false may indicate inactive producer). -100 points if no claims.
Has missed at least one round in in last 3 evaluation cycles, and is excluded from ranking.